Rookie Roundup: Tommy Streeter, WR, University of Miami

As a 6-5, 216 pound wide receiver who clocked a 4.40 40 at the Combine, Tommy Streeter from the University of Miami is one of the most intriguing rookies in this year’s draft class. Even with that remarkable speed for a player his size, Streeter comes to the NFL with a lot of a lot of questions.  He only started last season for the ‘Canes, netting 811 yards and 8 touchdowns and left with one year of eligibility remaining.  Streeter is by all accounts raw, and teams will need to decide whether his talent can be polished in the short time span generally allotted to young receivers.


Streeter is currently projected to be taken anywhere between the 3rd-6th rounds.

Rookie Roundup Interview

 Melissa Jacobs:  You exited Miami with a year of eligibility left. How difficult was that decision?

Tommy Streeter:  It was tough. Really tough. But I consulted with my mom and dad and one thing they told me is that they wouldn’t support me unless I get my degree so I am taking care of that in May. Playing in the NFL has always been a dream of mine and being around all those great players and great coaches. So once I discovered I had that opportunity, I wanted to go for it.

MJ:  Congrats on your upcoming graduation. What is your degree in?

TS:  Sports administration

MJ:  What are you going to miss most about being at Miami?

TS:  I’m going to miss the relationship that I established with my teammates. That’s my family, too.  Just going through the grind and the off-season and particularly, the rough times.

MJ:  Moving forward to the draft, the word I see most associated with you is raw, which inherently comes with positives and negatives.  So break down your assets for me. Pretend like I am a scout and tell me in thirty seconds or less why I should draft you.

TS:  I present a mismatch anywhere on the field.  I’m bigger than every cornerback.  Yes, I’m raw but I’m talented, and once a coach lays down that foundation technique-wise, the skies the limit with me.  I have a lot of room for growth. There are few guys of my stature who can run the way that I can. I’m a red zone threat, as well as a deep threat.

MJ:  Which current NFL wide receivers do you think you most emulate?

TS:  I try to be like Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson. Those are two guys I respect a lot and look up to their game. They’ll slip by you.  I am very fast but the fact that I’m so tall, people tend to underestimate my speed.

MJ:  What has been the most difficult part of the draft process for you?

TS:  I’d have to say the whole waiting game.  And not knowing where you are headed makes your brain spin 100 miles per hour.

MJ:  Assuming all works out and you sign that first hefty contract, what’s the first thing you’re buying?

TS:  Probably a home.  If I’m near home [Miami] I’ll take of me and my family. But if I’m far away, I’ll probably work on something small.

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