Rookie Roundup: Josh Robinson, CB, University of Central Florida

Josh Robinson, a cornerback out of University of Central Florida, is most notable for his masterful shutdown of A.J. Green (77 yards allowed) in the 2010 Liberty Bowl. Robinson, who is entering the NFL Draft after his junior season, hopes to cover Green (as well as other NFL receivers) for many years to come.  He is 5’10, 195 pounds, and has been named to the first team All-Conference-USA the past two years.  To  prepare for the combine and draft day, Robinson has been training at Athlete’s Performance in Los Angeles.

(Credit: UCF Athletics)

Robinson’s current consensus projection is mid-3rd-late-4th round. (2-21-2012)

Rookie Roundup Interview

Melissa Jacobs:  Let us pretend like I am an NFL scout.  Please tell specifically why we should draft you in:30 or less.

Josh Robinson:  You should draft me because I am one player who is going to work no matter what’s going on and no matter how bad things get.  I’m always going to be the player working until the end.  Always a player who is going to try and get better. Always a player who is going to do things right.  I’m not a guy who gets in trouble. I’m not a guy who messes up. As far as on-the-field, I’m a playmaker. I’m a guy who loves to get the ball. I’m a guy who is always around the ball.  And I’m just a guy who loves the game.

MJ:  How difficult was the decision to leave Central Florida a year early?

JR:  To me, it wasn’t hard. I knew all along I always wanted to do three years. And once my third year was up I felt like I was ready. UCF had prepared me enough to play at the next level.  I think I am good enough right now to compete at a high level.

MJ:  Do you have plans to go back and finish your education at some point?

JR:  Oh yes, definitely. I have all the intentions to do that. I was just telling someone that as soon as time becomes available I want to start working on my degree, especially since I only have one semester left.

MJ:  What’s your major?

JR:  Criminal justice.

MJ:  Which current or former cornerback do you think your skills most emulate?

JR:  I never felt my game emulated is comparable to one particular guy. But I can make the plays like Asante Samuel. I can make the big hits or big tackles in the backfield like Darrelle Revis. I can shut a receiver down like a Revis or Nnamdi Asomugha. So I think I have all the intangibles, all the things these great cornerbacks have.  Not to say I’m better than them or anything, but I do have a lot of their characterstics.

MJ:  With the combine coming this week, what aspect intimidates you the most?

JR:  For me it’s just running that 40 and seeing all the different times and just thinking ‘What did he run?’ and ‘You’ve got to be faster than him.’  But, to me, it’s not intimidating overall. It’s all about competitiveness and getting to the next level.  I am looking forward to enjoying the whole process. This is the experience of a lifetime.

MJ:  Is there anyone in particular you’re excited to meet in Indy?

JR:  I can’t wait to be around all those GMs, coaches and scouts.  Plus, it will be great to meet so many of my fellow competitors who are aspiring to the same dreams I’ve had since I was a little boy.

MJ:  Who has your favorite team growing up?

JR:  I was an Eagles fan, and Brian Dawkins was my favorite player. He  was the reason I started wearing #20 back in little league and then I wore it in college.

MJ:  Assuming all works out, what’s the very first thing you’re buying when you sign a contract?

JR:  I think the first I’m doing is giving.  That’s always been more important to me.  So the first I’m doing is not buying, but giving.

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