Rob and Chris Gronkowski, University of Arizona

Meet Rob Gronkowski.  Meet Chris Gronkowski.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Gronkowsi)

Rob and Chris are brothers who played at the University of Arizona and are both headed for draft day this year.  Rob, a tight end is entering the draft early and is expected to go early, a first rounder on many draft boards.  Chris, a fullback/h-back/tight end hybrid is hopeful for a later round.  And while they very well may end up in different uniforms next season, they will always be tight knit bros.

You can read more about their respective Wildcat careers here

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Story on the whole Gronkowski clan

I decided to test the Gronkowskis with a little Newlywed Game style questioning.  Here’s how it worked:  I called Chris and asked him several questions about Rob.  Then I called Rob and asked him to answer the first set of questions about himself, then answer many of the same questions about Chris.  And finally, Chris was called to answer the questions about himself.  Let’s see how they did.


Which round will Chris be drafted?

Rob: 5th

Chris: 5th

Does Chris want Brett Favre to retire?

Rob: No

Chris: No

If there was no draft and Chris could play for any team who would it be?

Rob: Chicago Bears

Chris: Buffalo Bills


Chris’s favorite Rocky movie?

Rob: Rocky I

Chris: Rocky I


Chris’s favorite place for a night out in Tucson?

Rob: Fuku Sushi

Chris: Fuku Sushi

Chris’s favorite television show of all time?

Rob: Friends (chuckling)

Chris: Spongebob (not chuckling)


First thing Chris will buy when he sign a contract?

Rob: Car

Chris: Car


Which round will Rob be drafted?

Chris: 1st

Rob: 1st

What is the first thing Rob will buy when signing a new contract?

Chris: Party Bus

Rob: Party Bus

Rob’s favorite Tucson hangout?

Chris: Fuku Sushi

Rob: Fuku Sushi

Rob’s Favorite TV Show of all-time?

Chris: ESPN

Rob: 24

Does Rob think fantasy football is cool or dorky?

Chris: Cool

Rob: Cool


Rob’s favorite Rocky film?

Chris: Rocky IV

Rob: Rocky IV

Additionally, both Chris and Rob agreed that Rob is both better looking and the better dancer.  The ladies of ??? better watch out!

As you can see, these brothers are seriously banded, pretty much overlapping each others world – minus the television watching.   It will only be fitting if that in some crazy bit of happenstance they wind up suiting up for the same NFL team next season.