How the Rams and Patriots Stack Up On Twitter

ATLANTA — Strategically nestled in the epicenter of the monstrosity known as Radio Row, Twitter saw high profile athletes and influences like Patrick Mahomes, Dan Marino and Greg Olsen shuffling in and out of its space during Super Bowl week.

Since Twitter was founded in 2006 it has refined how we intake news and discuss current events. Twitter engagement is paramount to a brand’s success and strategic use of the platform has catapulted careers. NFL team Twitter accounts are among the best and most creative out there and are adept at creating original content that sparks incredible engagement but there is no substitute for being an actual news maker or breaker. ┬áIn advance of Super Bowl 53, we chatted with our friends at Twitter to find out the who, when and what they has most permeated the NFL conversation on the platform and how specifically the Rams and Patriots stack up.

Top Tweeted Moments per Team:

(Measured by how many Tweets per minute each play/moment had)

New England Patriots

1) 1/20: Rex Burkhead runs for 2-yard touchdown in overtime, sending the Patriots to the Super Bowl

2) 1/20: Rex Burkhead runs for 4-yard touchdown with :39 remaining in the AFC Championship Game, giving the Patriots a 31-28 lead over the Chiefs

3) 1/20: Tom Brady throws fourth quarter interception in the AFC Championship Game

Los Angeles Rams

1) 1/20: Greg Zuerlein kicks game-winning 57-yard field goal in overtime to send the Rams to the Super Bowl

2) 1/12: The Rams defeat the Cowboys 30-22 to advance to the NFC Championship Game

3) 11/19: Rams defeat the Chiefs 54-51 on Monday Night Football

Top Games per Team:

(Measured by number of game related Tweets)

New England Patriots

1) Patriots at Chiefs (AFC Championship Game

2) Chargers at Patriots (AFC Divisional Playoffs)

3) Patriots at Steelers (Week 15)

Los Angeles Rams

1) Rams at Saints (NFC Championship Game)

2) Cowboys at Rams (NFC Divisional Playoffs)

3) Chiefs at Rams (Week 11; Monday Night Football)

Follower Growth:

Team Handle

Followers 9/6

Followers 1/23











Most Mentioned Teams of 2018 NFL Season

The Patriots were the fifth-most mentioned NFL team on Twitter. The top-five teams were: Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots. The Los Angeles Rams ranked 15th.

1) Steelers

2) Cowboys

3) Browns

4) Eagles

5) Patriots

The Rams were 15th.


Most Mentioned NFL Personalities of 2018 NFL Season (Sept. 6-Jan. 2)

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) (led list with nearly 2 million mentions)

Shannon Sharpe (@ShannonSharpe)

Rich Eisen (@richeisen)

Tony Romo (@tonyromo)

Randy Moss (@RandyMoss)

Troy Aikman (@TroyAikman)

Booger McFarland (@ESPNBooger)

Michael Irvin (@michaelirvin88)

Peter Schrager (@PSchrags)

Tony Dungy (@TonyDungy)