Positively Gruden: Top 10 Jon Gruden Lines from Eagles/Redskins

It’s time for your latest installment of “Positively Gruden,” a list of the top ten absurd/hyperbolic lines from our favorite NFL analyst, Jon Gruden.  This week contained by far the least absurdities of the year for the coach, which seems counterintuitive given the score, but actually makes sense when you realize that no commentary could seem more absurd than the show that Vick and Co. put on against the Redskins.  Also, Jaws was clearly driving the commentary during this game with Gruden taking a back seat most of the time.  Apparently Gruden was allowing Jaws to revel in the beat down that his former team put on.  In fact, Jaws actually succeeded in cracking the list with the most absurd comment of the night.  Congrats Jaws!

NOTE:  As the fourth quarter (and the 11 PM hour) approached, I was faced with a tough decision. Start tackling all the comedies waiting for me on the DVR or continue watching the Redskin Massacre of 2010. I confess, I chose the former, so if I missed any good late night Grudenisms, please add them to the comments sections below.

Here’s your Top Ten list:

10. “Mike Shanahan’s a great football coach.”

9.   After Vick’s 6th touchdown, “This guy’s on fire.  Not even the driving rain can cool this guy down.”

8.   After Jaws takes issue with Gruden’s “shock” at the McNabb deal, (inexplicably) believing it was a good move, “I didn’t say I disagree, I said I was shocked.”  Huh?

7.   “Andy Reid has stockpiled players at the QB position.  I don’t know if there’s anyone better at stockpiling QBs than that guy Andy Reid.”

6.   After a Vick completion, “How about that throw? You throw a 20 yard bench route in the driving rain, what else do you want from him?”

5.  On Vick’s scrambling, “I’ve seen guys who can scramble and throw balls away, I’ve seen guys who can scramble for first downs.  When this guy scrambles you hold your breadth because this guy can score touchdowns.  This guy’s electrifying.”

4.   “Just look at this Philadelphia Eagles’ huddle on offense.  The personnel keeps coming and going.  Three wide, two wide, four wide, multiple running backs, Harrison, McCoy.  They’re all over the place and everything they call works.”

3.   “If you’re a Christmas shopper and you want to buy a gift for someone, buy them a Desean Jackson highlight reel.”

2.   After the Eagles made it 28-0 in the first quarter, “a lot of football left to be played, guys.”

1.   After Vick’s 5th touchdown, “If he keeps this up, he could be the player of the year.”  Jaws, “he could be the player of the decade.”

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