Podcast: Michael Lombardi

You know that guy you see all the time on NFL Network, the one who knows everything?  You might have also noticed him popping up on Showtime’s Inside the NFL.  Plus, if you really fancy yourselfl an insider, you’re probably already reading his commentary on NFL.com or his own website, National Football Post, which is a rich cornucopia of the best NFL news and analysis out there.   If you guessed Michael Lombardi, then ding ding ding, you are correct.

In addition to all the aforementioned duties, Michael is a regular guest of the B.S. Report, which, let’s face it, now puts me in pretty elite company.  While I could blather on about his pre-NFL analyst career as an actual personnel executive in the league, I’ll let his bio speak for itself.  In the spirit of the deep love for all things Rocky IV I share with the Sports Guy, let’s just say that based on his both stellar and varied career, Michael Lombardi would run circles around Apollo Creed  when it comes to warranting an excess of nicknames.

MIchael Lombardi, one of the smartest men in the NFL

In this podcast, Michael expounds on the NFL’s hottest off-season topics.  From pondering Favre’s future (sorry, had to ask) to a proposed solution to the Philly QB situation to an inventive cure for the overtime rule, Michael brings his knowledge and insight in this great listen. Hope you enjoy!

Listen here: