TFG Podcast: The Worst Way to Lose; The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones

Scene: Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field
Date: Monday, duh
Who: Aaron Rodgers
What: Fate

The Show:

Melissa talks about the 49ers’ dejecting loss on Monday Night Football (1:17) and examines which type of losing is worse: a blowout or just falling short. She also notes some of the NFL’s most devastating losses in recent years and the common thread they all hold (7:57).

Then The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones joins from the NFL Owners Meetings to break down the Broncos’ woes (17:02) and the only scenario in which she sees the team and John Elway parting ways (18:30). She also clarifies just how close Elway was to signing Colin Kaepernick in 2016 (23:15).

Lindsey then breaks down the teams she’s most intrigued by in the second half (34:15), the NFL Sunday she spent in a recently legalized sportsbook. (40:05) and the comfort of having kid-friendly bosses (51:45).

Then Melissa tells the touching story of Ezekiel Elliott and his unlikely friend who could use plenty of good vibes. (54:20).

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Notable Quotables:

Jones with one key reason the new offensive wave is notable

This feels a pretty significant shift this year. What feels different about it is that it’s not just two or three quarterbacks or two or three teams; it’s a lot of teams. Scoring is up across the league and it’s across generations of quarterbacks.

It would be one thing of we said it’s the same old guys – Brady and Brees and Philip Rivers – that are throwing 350 yards a game and be benefitting from the new rules, it’s Jared Goff, Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins.

Why John Elway will likely remain Broncos GM for the foreseeable future

It’s a really unique situation where the idea of firing John Elway is really unconscionable. It’s really hard to see that three-person trust, which owns the Broncos, and specifically Joe Ellis, who is very close with Elway make that move.  The only way I envision John Elway no longer being the general manager of the Broncos is if he finds a way to extricate himself, he decides he’s had enough, he wants to spend more time with his grandchildren, it’s just not a normal situation.