🎙TFG Pod Special: Women in Football Share Their Best Advice

It’s me, TFG Podcast host, Melissa. Unfortunately I have been dealing with laryngitis and while I don’t believe I know much about medicine, my guess is recording a podcast is not high up on the list of remedies.

Thus we are using this opportunity to spotlight a recurring theme of this podcast – brilliant women in football sharing their advice. We have compiled a varied collection of a few of our guests sharing their tips for success, all while expressing relatable vulnerability.  Read on to learn about each guest and take a listen, I promise you’ll be empowered.

Quick note: Sometimes I look at my guest list and almost tear up. The array of powerful, inspiring women (and a few dudes) who have graced the TFG airwaves honestly blows my mind. EVERY guest I’ve had has brought something unique and compelling. It feels weird to only feature snippets from six of them but we wanted to keep the theme easy to digest so I picked some moments that quickly entered my brain space. Believe me, there will be more specials like this where I get to highlight more of our incredible guests.

Also a very special thanks to TFG reporter Kailey Mizelle for voicing all the introductions. I will be back next week. Until then, I sincerely hope you enjoy this collection.


1:25 + 9;27: ANDREA KREMER

Andrea Kremer has be immersed at the highest end of journalism for three decades. This season Kremer’s knowledge and perspective has been on regular display as she and Hannah Storm have called Thursday Night football for Amazon Prime. This comes on the heels of an induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kremer chats about when she learned about the Hall of Fame news and embracing the significance of her induction.  She also offers her interviewing pet peeves.

(Entire Andrea Kremer episode)



ESPN Sunday Countdownhost Sam Ponder joined me earlier this season for in depth conversation about life and perspective.  In this chat, Ponder showcases a compelling cocktail of humility, vulnerability and strength.

For our clip. Ponder chats about the importance of using her platform and how she deals with trolls.

(Entre Sam Ponder episode)



ESPN NFL Dianna Russini has rose rapidly after frequently breaking national NFL news while on a local beat in DC.

Here Russini chats about being comfortable in her own skin and have some very fiery advice for young female reporters who think posting selfies on Instagram are part of the job description.

(Entire Dianna Russini episode)


23:31:  AMY TRASK

The former Raiders CEO was the inaugural guest of this fair podcast, and she delivered an array of incredible stories stemming from breaking glass over decades ago.

Here, Trask talks about the importance of not focusing on her gender despite being the only woman in the room for soooo many years.

(Entire Amy Trask episode)



When we chatted in April, Kimes was arguably in the rising star category. Yeah screw that today because now she’s a bonafide star, Feature writer, frequent TV personality, podcast host, Etch-a-Sketch savant.  There’s nothing Kimes can’t do.  I had her on to discuss the NFL Draft but this wide-ranging conversation went to many corners, apt for a talent such as Kimes

Here, Kimes talks about the process of writing a massive feature and how she readied her house when Aaron Rodgers decided he wanted to come over for his profile.

(Entire Mina Kimes episode)



The Yahoo! Senior NFL Reporter has had the quite the incredible year, zigzagging from covering the Jets to the Bills to the Redskins and now on the national beat.

In this clip, Martin talked about how she’s ingratiated herself to each new NFL organization and how to earn the trust of the players.

(Entire Kimberley Martin episode)


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