TFG Podcast: Super Bowl Spectacular with CBS’s Tracy Wolfson

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At some point in my wide-ranging conversation with CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson, I finally mention Tony Romo. Even though Wolfson is constantly and predictably asked about CBS’s highly-regarded analyst, she beams about him as though this is the first time. Therein lies a glimpse into Wolfson’s talent and staying power.  She knows her role and is keenly focused on manning the sidelines with perfection. She also gets the notion of a broadcast team being an actual team bursting with chemistry. Her genuine affection for Romo is evident.

This week I was able to chat in person with Wolfson who will be working her second Super Bowl as a sideline reporter. Wolfson shares fascinating stories of her past Super Bowls which include filling in on the broadcast when the lights went out in New Orleans and conducting Peyton Manning’s last interview as a player.

Wolfson also shares her gutsy climb in the broadcast industry and offers very pointed advice for those who want to follow in her footsteps

Later in the episode, I dive into the notion of playing in a Super Bowl and get the experiences of ex-Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes who won two rings and with ex-Bears running back Thomas Jones whose team lost to the Colts.

Of course I also share my Super Bowl prediction.


4:48: Melissa on her twice failed attempt to get something out of Bill Belichick

8:44: Tracy Wolfson joins!

11:28: Tracy shows off her hidden talent!

12:41: Tracy on getting on air when the lights went out in Super Bowl

13:43: Tracy on her preparations for the Super Bowl

16:45: Tracy on the family sacrifices she has to make for the job

19:30: Tracy on the in stadium experience for a Super Bowl

22:35: Tracy on the glorious addition of Tony Romo to the crew

26:15: Tracy always wanted to be a broadcaster

29:48: Tracy shares advice for budding broadcasters

32:38: Melissa gives her Super Bowl 53 pick

34:40: Former Bears RB Thomas Jones on what it’s like to lose a Super Bowl

41:13: Former Giants K Lawrence Tynes on what it’s like to win a Super Bowl

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