🎙TFG Pod: Patriots Pandemonium and Playoff Predictions with Don Banks

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Most are calling it the Miracle in Miami but Don Banks from and The Athletic has coined it the Miami Meltdown. Don breaks down what went wrong for the Patriots, not only on the final play against the Dolphins but throughout the game.  He also describes an anxious mood at Gillette and where No One Died ranks on the pantheon of Bill Belichickisms.

Then it’s onto the coaching craziness. Mike McCarthy last week, John DeFilippo this week. Don Banks assesses the future head coaching prospects of both, as well as Josh McDaniels and Vic Fangio. He strongly wishes the NFL would stop looking for the next Sean McVay and instead focus on overall leadership skills.

Melissa and Don also chat about playoff trajectories with the Seahawks pointing way up and the Vikings way down. Don ponders if the Rams are just one of those franchises not built for playoff football.  Tune to for all-around hearty NFL convo.

The Timeline

1:05: Melissa resets and previews upcoming episodes after her bout with laryngitis

8:05: DON BANKS joins

13:36: Don on how the nation has relished the Patriots loss

16:15: Don on the somber yet realistic mood at Gillette

19:05: Don on John DeFilippo’s firing and what it means for his head coaching prospects

20:15: What are the qualities that really matters for a head coach?

24:45: Don on Vic Fangio’s prospects

27:30: Don expresses disdain for Mark Davis’s handling of Reggie McKenzie

30:04: Why Josh McDaniels won’t be hurt by burning Indy

32:20: Don on why the Rams are truly vulnerable in the playoffs

36:45: Don on the miraculous Seahawks turnaround

38:05: Melissa and Don on the greatness of Patrick Mahomes

41:05: A word about our Do-Gooder of the Week, Ravens CB Brandon Carr


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Read about Brandon’s Carr’s incredible foundation that empowers needy children in a  variety of avenues including promoting literacy and teaching kids about smart wellness decisions.

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