🎧 TFG Pod: A Tale of Two NFL Draft Previews

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Ex-scout and current Dallas Cowboys analyst Bryan Broaddus brings a boatload of draft insight and astute QB dissection. Wine-induced Melissa and her husband…not so much.

If you like wine, weird QB analysis, Westworld-NFL Draft analogies (8:20), the dissection of Mitch Trubisky’s name (9:27),  you may like Melissa’s “drunken draft preview” with her Bears fan husband Dave

If you are a draft nerd, don’t have much spare time or want an in depth lens into the NFL draft process and this intriguing crop of QBs, you will love our conversation with Bryan Broaddus (38:02). Broaddus, a former personal/scout man for the Eagles, Jags, Packers and Cowboys who now covers the Cowboys and the league at m, illuminates the draft process given his unique vantage point on both ends. Bryan’s Top 5 QBs are, in order – Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.

Among Bryan’s insights in this convo:

The point of anonymous scouts (39:40)

What really goes on in the war room? (42:01)

Josh Rosen’s comp… (46:40)

Why Cleveland is even considering Josh Allen at #1 (47:28)

The Lamar Jackson (and any non-traditional QB) conundrum (54:25)

Biggest deficiency for a QB to overcome at the next level (58:50)

What trends we’ll see in this NFL draft (1:00:46)

The one draft buzzword that drives Bryan crazy (1:02:10)

Be sure to check out Bryan’s complete Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects and follow him on Twitter @Bryan Broaddus.

Notable Quotables:

Why teams shouldn’t overlook Lamar Jackson

“Scouts get caught up in the numbers and measurables. The guy’s 6’2”, 215, 218 pounds. He doesn’t look physically imposing. The problem for teams is they think, ‘How do you fit him in?’ Well, you find way.

Defensive coordinators are going to be terrified having to defend against him. Lamar Jackson is one of those guys when you watch him in third down and the pocket breaks down and he takes off running for first down and its time after time after time. Then he makes an accurate throw and you’re so worried about keeping him in the pocket and then he makes a throw downfield. Defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares trying to defend this the pocket.”

Why teams need players who can start immediately

We don’t have a lot of time. In Cleveland Hue Jackson’s getting evaluated now.  He could say, ‘we’ll put so and so in there and be just fine.’ No, you’re being evaluated right now.  You better find a way to go win games and there are a lot of coaches in that situation. Jason Garrett is now going into his eighth season here.  If they don’t get in the playoffs you think the Cowboys are going to keep him around? Probably not. So Jason Garrett needs to find players who can play right now and be ready.”