Football Date Night Week 10: What the Hell Happened to the Eagles?

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Only a game out of the division lead and the hapless Cowboys headed to town, Week 10 was the time for the Eagles to make a statement and morph into the team that won a Super Bowl last year. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. On a new episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave discuss the many ways the 4-5 Eagles are nowhere near the team they fielded a year ago.

Dave then has a gloating session about his Chicago Bears which includes a new nickname for Mitch Trubisky and a breakdown of Khalil Mack’s signature sack. The duo close out the show by examining the Patriots’ loss to the Titans and ponder whether the Tom Brady regression has begun.

The Show:

The Rundown:

1:20: Melissa and Dave discuss what the hell happened to the Eagles and what it takes to be a dynasty in the NFL.

11:00: The two assess the Cowboys and what to make of the NFC East.

14:40: Dave goes undefeated in his plea for supporting this podcast.

16:45 Dave (finally) gets to rejoice in his first place Bears, who easily dispatched the Lions, and has a “heroic” new nickname for Mitch Trubisky

25:30: Melissa tries out a few alternative “Mitch”-based nicknames

28:30: The duo discuss whether Tom Brady is finally regressing, which is bittersweet for Melissa but Dave is positively giddy about.

39:00: Dave takes us home with one final serenade.
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