2018 Year-in-Review: The Most Memorable Touchdown Celebrations

All season long I’ve been tracking the best celebrations of each week. We hope watching grown men joyously revel in their small victories has brought a bevy of smiles.  After studying the celebrations since September I am thrilled to bring you the best celebration in 2018.

Note: These are all  in-game time celebrations I did not include postgame celebrations, locker room speeches or media availability. Also, these are in no specific order. If you feel I missed one hit me up on Twitter @KaileyMizelle or simply let me know which was your favorite..

When the TD celebration is better than the halftime show

The Bears celebrated as one does in Motown with a tribute to the Temptations.

Digging for Trolls

The Seahawks, who are famously great at celebrations, trolled the 49ers with their digging for gold celebration.

Super fighter

Using Dragon Ball Z as inspiration for their celebration Darren Fells and David Njoku performed the fusion dance from the Japanese cartoon series.

Tip Drill

The Chiefs executed the tip drill, usually performed in basketball practices, to perfection.

It’s a Strike

The Titans took to the end zone for a bit of human bowling after their score.

A Baby on the Field

After his incredible catch, JuJu Smith-Schuster laid on the ground and pretending to give birth, though Smith-Schuster made it look easy, and then rocked his newly born baby in this weird TD celebration.

You used to call me on my cell phone

Michael Thomas hid cell phones in the end zone to pay homage to Joe Horn of the Saints who did something similar in 2003. After his TD Thomas grabbed the old-school flip phone and dialed earning him a  $30,000 fine for use of a prop.


It’s really hard to choose just one celebration as my favorite of the year, but this one comes close. The execution is perfect and it pays tribute to one of the funniest moments in basketball.

Row your boat

Toward the end of the season, the celebrations started to take a page out of children’s dances and songs. This row your boat Chicago did was fantastic!

How low can you go

Continuing the old school trend, the Vikings make a human limbo in one of the most creative celebrations of the year.

Just Dance

The Seahawks do it again with exceptional choreography and performance in their dancing celebration.

The Office Tribute

Even Steve Carell noticed how amazing this celebration dance was!

Remember the Celebration

The Titans took a celebration from one of the greatest football movies when they performed the Remember the Titans moves.

Big Guy Dancing

Large men swinging their arms and hips to no beat in particular and doing so unabashedly is incredibly funny and heartwarming to me, so naturally, I loved this celebration.

Back to the 90s

The Macarena performed by the Seahawks after a TD is one of the best moments from the year. Also funny is seeing the players practice for the celebration to make sure they remember the moves.

Look at Cheetah go

After Tyreek Hill scored he jumped into the stands and taking a page from Chad Ochocinco he grabbed the camera.

Dad dance

Of course, we didn’t forget about the dead-arm dad dance by Kirk Cousins!