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Molly’s ESPN Biography

In 2008, Molly Qerim served as the interactive host for College Football Live.  In addition, she is the breaking news reporter for Fantasy Football now on ESPN2 every NFL Sunday beginning at 1130 a.m. ET and was honored with an Emmy for her contribution to the show.  She also hosts interactive segments on MMA Live, which airs every Thursday on ESPN.com.

Qerim has been a part of other digital media content, as well as conducting various interviews of athletes and celebrities in the Bristol studios.  She has traveled to cover the Super Bowl, Heisman Trophy presentation, UFC events, the NBA draft and All-Star Game and the MLB All-Star game, providing on-site reporting and interviews.

Qerim received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Connecticut and a Masters degree in Broadcast.

Learn more about Molly at mollyqerim.com

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