Michael Irvin Offers More Evidence That 90’s Cowboys Were Man Whores

Michael Irvin appeared Wednesday on The Spiegel and Parkins Show on 670 The Score in Chicago to discuss an array of topics, mostly about the physicality of the NFL. The conversation was typical Irvin: animated, loud and no holds barred. For example, he passionately claimed that for many, playing in the NFL is the “only damn way out of the ghetto!”

Things got particularly interesting in the closing minutes when Irvin was asked if his teams ever dealt with a controversy similar to that surrounding Bears WR Josh Bellamy who allegedly slid in the DMs of an ex-teammate’s girlfriend.

“You may always have a little cross-pollinization (sic),” Irvin replied. He then explained that this was a topic in the locker room of the great Cowboys teams of the 90’s because they “wanted to do great things.” According to Irvin, the locker room rules for ‘cross-pollinization’ were as follows:

“The main girl was always off limits. No one can bother anyone’s main woman. Now the other things, the other people you may know, the other relationships that’s not your main. You can’t lock up the whole world. Like girl, like girl, like girl, like girl. ‘Why did you touch them?’ You can’t do that. You only get your main…But everything else is up in the air.”

Irvin then got a little more specific by disclosing that former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson had his own set of rules for debauchery in the week leading up the franchise’s Super Bowl wins in ’93 and ‘94:

Sunday– Tuesday: Players were not allowed to bring their wives and girlfriends so that they “could be loose and have fun.”

Wednesday – Super Bowl: Players were supposed to bring their wives/girlfriends and follow a curfew, in order to focus on focus on football.


Hear the full interview here.


For a searing, detailed look at the Cowboys of the 90’s, we highly recommend Jeff Pearlman’s expose, Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty