Marshawn Lynch interrupts Jack Del Rio’s postgame presser because he’s Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch looked like he hadn’t missed a beat in his Raiders debut, rushing for 76 yards on 18 carries as the Raiders beat the Titans won 26-13.

Lynch’s presence and take no prisoners attitude permeated the Raiders’ roster.

One late fourth quarter bulldozing run inspired new CBS analyst Tony Romo to emphatically declare, “BOOM, I’m back baby. I’m Beast Mode!”

Following the game Lynch was also vintage Lynch: eluding media

That was Lynch interrupting head coach Jack Del Rio’s presser to make sure he had fulfilled his commitment. “I was available for 3 minutes. They didn’t holler at me. I’m good, right?”

We would say ‘never change, Marshawn Lynch,’ but we know there is zero chance he will.