Marquise Goodwin’s wife convinced him to play Sunday after tragedy

In the wee hours of Sunday morning 49ers wideout Marquise Goodwin and his wife Morgan suffered an unimaginable tragedy. They lost their baby boy, who had to be delivered at 19 weeks after complications.

Goodwin played for the 49ers just hours later and scored a thrilling 83-yard touchdown that punctuated the team’s first win this season.

He was overcome with emotion upon scoring.

After the game Goodwin made his situation public, sharing a heart wrenching photo of his son.

Morgan detailed the experience to People, “I felt joy in holding my baby even though it was a sad moment,” Morgan says. “I was so amazed. His eyes were still shut at this point, but the hands, the feet. He looked exactly like his daddy.”

On Tuesday in a special call with team reporters, Marquise said the decision to play was solely his wife’s, “I asked her if she would like me to stay with her, and she insisted that I go play in the game because she felt like my team needed me.”

“That’s what’s so cool about the situation,” he continued. “My wife – how supportive she is and how encouraging she is and all these great things that she’s done for me to help me go out there and play the way that I did. I think it speaks more about her character than mine.”

Marquise and Morgan met at the University of Texas where they were both track stars.