Bob McNair, Jerry Jones among owners deposed in Colin Kaepernick case

Colin Kaepernick’s collusion suit against the NFL has taken a dramatic turn as the league’s most prominent and outspoken owners have been deposed. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports on his Facebook page:

“Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Texans owner Bob McNair, amongst others, will be deposed and asked to turn over all cell phone records and emails in relation to the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL, a league source confirmed. Others owners, teams and league officials also will be deposed, but those individuals have been confirmed for now.”

Kaepernick’s legal team, headed by famed criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos, filed a grievance on October 15th alleging that NFL owners are conspiring to keep the quarterback out of the league. Geragos said the suit was filed “only after pursuing every possible avenue with all NFL teams and their executives.”

It’s been a good week for Kaepernick’s collusion suit. Texans owner Robert McNair said, “we can’t let the inmates run the prison” at the NFL owner’s meeting in reference to giving protesting players power.

On the field more teams are heavily quarterback deficit. The Browns signaled they need another arm after botching a trade for A.J. McCarron. Brock Osweiler is now starting in Denver. And the Texans, of course, suffered a massive blow with the injury to Deshaun Watson. Instead of sniffing Kaepernick, they signed Matt McGloin and T.J. Yates.

Still, as obvious as it is to many that Kaepernick should have at least received a call of interest, Geragos and company will need tangible proof that teams colluded in keeping him off an NFL roster.

Today is Colin Kaepernick’s 30th birthday.