Report: Justin Timberlake ‘finalizing’ deal to perform Super Bowl LII halftime

It was been almost 14 years since Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson’s clothing during the Super Bowl halftime show and the terms “Nipplegate” and “wardrobe malfunction” were introduced into our vernaculars. The FCC fined CBS $55,000 for the incident and halftime shows became a lot more family friendly.

Time apparently heals all wounds (and mends all clothes) because according to US Weekly, Timberlake is finalizing a deal to  headline Super Bowl LII’s halftime show in Minneapolis.

A source tells US Weekly that as of now, Timberlake is the sole performer. Though there are rumors that Jay Z, a Timberlake collaborator may join him on stage. There are rumors that Jay Z was offered the gig first but declined.

The NFL is not confirming anything. In an email to the Washington Post, a league spokesman said, “No decisions have been made on the performer(s) and we are not going to speculate on particular artists.”

However the league is always hush hush about the Super Bowl performer until every detail has been worked out.

Here is the entire Super Bowl performance from 2003: