Jordan Rodgers, Quarterback, Vanderbilt

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that a quarterback with the last name of Rodgers has NFL quarterbacking aspirations. But this year it’s Jordan Rodgers, younger brother of Aaron, who you might have heard is a pretty decent quarterback with the Green Bay Packers.

When Jordan wasn’t listening to Taylor Swift (his pre-game music of choice) or riding around town on his scooter, he led Vanderbilt to its first nine-win season since 1915 and a bowl win.

He started 12 games for the Commodores in his senior season, passing for 2,539 yards and 15 touchdowns, ranking him in the top ten single-season performances in school history. His completion percentage of 59.5% was the highest percentage by a Vandy quarterback since Jay Cutler’s junior season.

Here is Rodgers’ profile. Unlike his brother who was a first-round pick in the 2005 NFL draft, Jordan is currently projected to go in the 6th or 7th round.


Amanda Rykoff: What’s your nickname?

Jordan Rodgers: J-Rod.

AR: What was your favorite NFL team growing up?

JR: Actually, my family loved the Niners so I liked watching them but I was really a Steelers fan growing up. Until my brother got to the NFL and all loyalty went away and it was with the Packers.

AR: Pretend I’m a scout or coach. Tell me in :30 or less why I should draft you.

JR: Because I’m a fierce competitor, to a fault at times. I want to be the best at everything I do and that really drives me. I’m very intrinsically motivated and I think that’s a characteristic that will take you far whether you’re in sports or not in sports.

AR: What current or former NFL player do you most emulate?

JR: My brother. It’s gotta be. I try to emulate his game. Because we’re family, we have the same mannerisms, we look the same throwing the ball, so anytime I can try and emulate someone who’s had that much success, it’s a good thing.

AR: What is your draft goal? Specific round or just get drafted?

JR: I hope a team falls in love with me for my strengths, for who I am as a person and if that’s in the third round, great, if it’s in the seventh round, great, if it’s a free agent, great. I just want the opportunity to get into a training camp and prove what I can do and just get my chance.

AR: What’s the first thing you’re buying if/when you sign your first contract?

JR: I have a scooter, I don’t have a car. So I’ll probably get a truck. I don’t need a flashy car, just four wheels and a pickup bed is good with me.

AR: Who is your dream girl?

JR: Jessica Alba.

AR: What advice has your brother given you?

JR: Everything. He gives me advice on everything. But really he’s said be yourself with the scouts, impress them with who you are, be genuine. And then soak up as much information as I can from the coaches because they’ve been there, they’ve done it. These players that are back coaching, they’ve been there, they’ve done it. Learn a little bit of the verbiage the NFL uses, kind of get a head start in hopes of getting in an NFL training camp.

AR: How often do you and your brother talk during the regular season?

JR: Every week. We talk game plans for my games, I want to hear about his game plan. He wants to hear about what we’re going to do. We talk all the time.

AR: Do you have any plans for a signature celebration move like your brother’s?

JR: I think I’m going to try and pull something off on my own.

Here is Rodgers showing mobility during a game-winning drive against Ole Miss: