John Elway falsely claims he gave Colin Kaepernick a shot

As the Broncos gallop into the season,  quarterback Case Keenum’s backups consist of Chad Kelly a 7th round pick in 2017 and Paxton Lynch who is universally considered a bust..  John Elway, speaking to the press today, was asked about bringing in a veteran arm, specifically Colin Kaepernick. Elway offered a curious response:

Politics aside, this statement is misleading and dripping with hypocrisy. Elway’s “offer” to Kaepernick in 2016 was a massive $12.4 million cut in base salary, a deal Kaepernick was never going to take and inferior to the 49ers’ offer. Kaepernick was discussed as a prime candidate to replace Peyton Manning in Denver but in no way was that reflected in the contract.

This “offer” also came four months before Kaepernick was first caught of camera kneeling, so any insinuation that he was considered after becoming a polarizing figure is laughable.

Moreover, Elway’s suggestion that Kaepernick passing on his lowball offer should close the books an a shot with the Broncos is strange. The NFL is an ever-churning machine of contract negotiations and player evaluation where hard feelings often take a backseat to the quest for wins. Elway knows this full well. In early 2016 Brock Osweiler spurned the Broncos for free agency without even returning a phone to the organization. After Osweiler completely failed in Houston and Cleveland, the Broncos signed him to a one-year contract last season.

As Elway noted in today’s statement he was recent deposed in Kaepernick’s collision lawsuit filed against the NFL.