Jerry Jones claims ‘zero tolerance for domestic abuse’

On Tuesday morning Cowboys owner  Jerry Jones called into 105.3’s Shan and R.J. Show to answer questions about the state of the Cowboys. The conversation then turned to Kareem Hunt and Jones’s offered his thoughts, which were rather shocking:

Yes, we’re keeping a very close eye, and have a keen interest in how that’s playing out. But we’re no different than the other 31 teams in this respect or 30 teams not including Kansas City… but we’re very interested. It’s a challenging area of what we’re about. You know, everyone has no tolerance for domestic abuse. Zero tolerance for domestic abuse

Consequently we have to deal with the fact that we’re so physical and it’s such an important story and so the truth to get to be a part of the NFL and be a part of the perception of the NFL, you have to give up some of the rights that you would have if you weren’t in the NFL.

Perhaps Jones should have said, “Zero tolerance for domestic abuse … unless I need a pass rusher.” Jones and the Cowboys famously signed Greg Hardy in 2015 after he had been convicted of assaulting and threatening the life of his ex-girlfriend.

The Hardy signing was in no way an anomaly for Jones. He has embraced Ezekiel Elliott who accused of domestic violence and later suspended by the NFL for six games. Former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was also  accused by his own mother of assault.