🎙TFG Pod: Jennifer King Pounding into Panthers Coaching Ranks

The TFG Pod is back and we’re weekly through the NFL season! In the week’s episode, Melissa talks to Jennifer King, who will be a coaching intern for the Panthers during training camp after a successful rookie minicamp in the game role. King describes meeting Ron Rivera and how she got the opportunity.

When King is not coaching in the NFL, she is the women’s basketball coach for Johnson and Wales University and is a QB/WR on the New York Sharks. She details how all of her worlds have crossed over and led to ultimate success.

(You don’t want to miss King describe her former professional football teammate – Grandma!)

Also in this episode, a few words on our Do-Gooder of the Week – Saints RB Mark Ingram

Plus Melissa on watching the World Cup in Europe and the greatness of Sevilla, Spain.

The Rundown

4:30: Melissa on what the NFL can take from the World Cup

5:55: A special plea for ratings and reviews, which hey you can do here!

9:59: Jennifer King on pining to coach for the Panthers (or anyone) some day

11:02: King on getting the email from Ron Rivera

12:16: King on Ron Rivera’s dedication to inclusiveness

13:27: King on the learning curve at training camp

15:40: King on how Panthers players and coaches reacted to her

17:50: King on qualities that apply to successful coach multiple sports

18:58: King on when she knew coaching in the NFL was a possibility

20:04: King on how football became her primary sport

25:00: King on the types of women who play professional football

26:30: King on how to market the women’s game

30:42: King on how far away we are from women coaching in the NFL bing the norm

32:15: King on her coaching goals

33:00: Mark Ingram is our Do-Gooder of the Week


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King on when she knew coaching in the NFL was possible:

“When we had some of the first [female coaches]. Jen Welter. After seeing that it was like “wow, this maybe is a possibility. Obviously it’s not easy but it could be a possibility. It was one of those aha moments. Someone has done it now, who’s going to be the next.”

King on who plays women’s football:

“It’s just women from all walks of life. Some played sports collegiately, some just really liked football. They are moms and doctors, lawyers, police officers. There’s every walk of life coming together for the one common goal to play football. The coaches I’ve been under, they treat you as football players, not female football players.”



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