An important Jay Cutler update

An important Jay Cutler update

Jay Cutler was back in the news today after his wife, Kristin Cavallari, posted a naked picture of the free agent quarterback.

Now that we’ve seen a new side of Cutler, let’s backtrack for an update on his day job.

“Good times, no tan lines. Let the sea set you free” – @tony2coats

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Cutler, who has long toggled between exposing his assets on the field and being the butt of many jokes, has possibly reached rock bottom.

Chicago couldn’t bare another year of Cutler, releasing the 33-year old after realizing there would be no cheeky seasons ahead. (TFG has exclusively learned that Cutler awkwardly learned the news via a butt dial from Bears general manager Ryan Pace.)

Whether or not Cutler takes a seat and puts his career in the rear view mirror remains to be seen. Quarterback-needy teams like the Jets or Browns should take a peak, though Cutler could become a pain in the ass if his team is always playing from behind. If only Cutler displayed more skills like running a solid naked bootleg or choosing dump-offs over forcing the ball into coverage, he’d be so much more marketable. Butt the thing about Cutler is you never know when he will swoop in and have fans on the seat of their pants with an electrifying tail end to his career.

Whatever Cutler decides, the posterior view of his NFL tenure will be discussed ad nauseam all the way from planet Earth to Uranus. Good times, indeed.