Javarris James, RB, University of Miami

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Javarris James, University of Miami


Running Back

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The Interview

The Football Girl:  Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with me, Javarris.

Javarris James:  You’re welcome.  Good to be here.

TFG: First off, Talk about the pressure at Miami being the cousin of Edgerrin James

JJ:  When I got to college it really wasn’t too much pressure.  When I was in high school I felt it a little bit because of the expectation of all the great things he had done.  People expected me to do the same thing.  But once I made my transition from high school to college there really wasn’t much pressure because I knew how to handle it.

TFG:  You went to a school in University of Miami that’s known for running back royalty: Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis and your cousin, among others.  What about the pressure of following in their footsteps?

JJ:  That’s one of the reasons I wanted to go to a school like UM because of the great tradition of running backs and having all those guys come back in the summertime. You get to work out with those guys and take courses from them and stuff, so basically you learn from some of the best that are playing the game. That’s definitely an advantage of being at the University of Miami.

TFG:  In addition to your cousin, who I assume was your mentor, did any of those other running backs provide a mentor role for you?

JJ:  Since my cousin was there I was always around the program as a younger kind and I would work out with my cousin a couple times.  I think me having the contact with those guys and learning from those guys, it was an experience I’m never going to forget.

TFG: Moving forward now, what do you want scouts to see at the combine that hasn’t been represented in your college games?

JJ:  Just my overall game.  I can run and I got great hands.  I can catch the ball like I’m a receiver.  And my overall mental toughness.  I know I had a couple of injuries I’m going to get asked about, but I just want them to get to know me and what kind of a player I am, how much love I’ve got for the game.  Just get a feel for me.

TFG:  In preparing for this interview, I saw predictions that were all over the place in terms of where you’d be drafted. So where do you think you’ll be drafted?

JJ:  To be honest, I couldn’t really answer that question.  I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff but after the combine and after the Pro Day, I’ll have a good feeling of where I’ll go.

TFG:  Taking your cousin out of the equation, what current running back do you think your style most emulates?

JJ:  I haven’t really thought it about it but I’m thinking Shonn Greene of the Jets.  I watched a couple of his games and he’s a patient runner who has good cutback ability. He has decent speed; he’s not the fastest guy, but he’s got enough speed where he can break long runs.  He’s a tough kid.

TFG:  So if I was a scout I could accurately say that Javarris James could be the next Shonn Greene?

JJ: Yes (chuckling)

TFG:  One last thing: When you do get that contract following the draft, what’s the first thing you’re going to buy?

JJ:  I don’t really know what I’m going to get yet, but it will probably be something for my mom.  She’ll be the first person I’ll take care of.  Both my parents because of all the hard work they have put in.  I need to give them things while I’m in the position I’m in, so I feel like I kind of owe it to them.

TFG:  Sounds like you’re quite level headed.  Thanks for joining me and good luck at the combine and in the draft.

JJ:  Thanks for having me.