Game Balls and Flip Phones! Week 9’s Best Celebrations

We are more than halfway through the NFL regular season, and some teams are shaping up to be contenders, while others performed worse than expected. A few teams are on a winning streak and are enjoying the post-game festivities; however, Week 9 is the first week the Rams’ celebration won’t be featured in this space after the Saints took them down in the Superdome. In Week 9we saw postgame locker rooms with chants and players performing their dance moves, which look eerily similar to my middle school cheerleading routine.

Note: The celebrations below are made public by team sites, media outlets, and players pages. We will add more when and if they become available.

The Best Celebration

While the Seahawks didn’t win the game, the did win the best celebration of the week! Also, I want to be a fly on the wall while they practice their choreography and come up with these moves!

The Celebration that honors the past

In the fourth quarter, Michael Thomas’s catch put the Saints by ten over the Rams, and Thomas pulled out a hidden flip phone, a brilliant ode to former Saints WR  Joe Horn.

The First Celebration

After Nick Mullens, who had only played in the preseason, led the 49ers to a 34-3 victory over the Raiders he gave an opening statement to the locker room.

Teams also took to their locker rooms to celebrate their victories after week 9. Here are some of the best.

Falcons 38 Redskins 14

The Falcons beat the NFC East leading Redskins after their bye week in the start of an effort to make it to the postseason.

Chiefs 37 Browns 21

Kansas City continues their path toward the AFC championship with a win over the Browns on the road. The celebration in the locker room is short and sweet.

Bears 41 Bills 9

ClubDub is at it again after the Bears win over Buffalo. Then, Matt Nagy celebrates his team’s win after their “best week of practice.”

Panthers 42 Buccaneers 28

Cam Newton and Carolina have stepped it up and won their last three games as the fight for a playoff spot in the NFC. After the win, safety Eric Reid was honored with the game ball after his first INT.

Chargers 25 Seahawks 17

The Chargers are on a five-game winning streak, and Anthony Lynn fires up the locker room after they beat Seattle.

Texans 19 Broncos 17

Houston leads the AFC South after their sixth straight win, and their coach gives them props for all they’ve done.