TFG Pod: A Crucial Conversation on DV vs. Assault and the NFL’s Role Moving Forward

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When Kareem Hunt was shown shoving and  kicking and woman in a Cleveland hotel lobby last, it was assault, not domestic violence as Deadspin senior editor and investigative journalist Diana Moskovitz strongly explained at the time. Moskovitz has long been a leading authority reporting on cases of violence, rape, misogyny and other forms of hard crime and her work is universally considered a must-read.

In the wake of Hunt signing with the Cleveland Browns Moskovitz joins the TFG Pod for a robust conversation on the differences between domestic violence and assault and how the sports media should be reporting these cases variant cases. (26:39)

“This news happens and all across sports news the takes start flowing…how would you rank this, how would you grade this.,” Moskovitz said.  “I still remember after Ohio State and Urban Meyer and they had a press conference on the investigation on what he did and did not know about one of his assistants repeatedly being accused of domestic violence by his then wife. Maybe a couple of hours later I saw something like, ‘How will this affect Urban Meyer’s legacy?’ Already? Really? Courtney Smith, when she’s asking for restraining order against her now-ex husband, I doubt part of her thought process was about how this would affect Urban Meyer.”

Moskovitz also shares her pointed thoughts on the harmful nature of the NFL’s personal conduct policies, how the NFL sets the table for other sports leagues and how they should approach issues of violence against women in the next CBA. (33:32).

“We really need to be rethink the idea of the league playing police, judge and jury,” she says. “I think the history bears that out. The fact that over all these years and we still have all these scandals and they’re so repetitive.”


Later in the conversation, Moskovitz shares her fascinating, relatable conundrum as a lifelong fan of the Steelers who has long struggled with the notion of Ben Roethlisberger under center after multiple sexual assault accusations. (40:30)

To learn more about issues of assault and violence and appropriate coverage, visit the resources page of Columbia’s Dart Center For Journalism and Trauma.

After Moskovitz, Melissa has some words for those showing an extra dose of ignorance this week in regards to Colin Kaepernick.(100:13)