Frank Reich Highly Impressive in Colts Introductory Presser

The Indianapolis Colts have a head coach. No, for real. Former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich was quickly scooped up by the Colts in the aftermath of the Josh McDaniels’ reversal. Today Reich infused a dose of humor with a strong philosophy as he was formally introduced as the Colts newest bandleader. There is a lot to like for Colts Nation. Here were the most fascinating moments:

1.   Reich introduced the concept of four marks that will mark his team:

  • We will be the toughest, mentally and physically, that includes an obsession with finishing strong.
  • Will be the most disciplined team. When we wear the horseshoe, we’ll wear it with a lot of pride and joy.
  • We will be the most prepared team. We will be cultivating championship habits and championship thoughts.
  • We will be a close team, built around trust, respect, and love.


2.   Reich was asked right away about the his relationship with Luck and whether there is any update on Luck’s health. The new head coach recalled crossing paths with Luck at Stanford last year. Reich was working a player out, while Luck was working out. Luck ran across the field to introduce himself to Reich. His assessment of Luck the athlete: “A supremely talented player with such great character and such humility is rare.” His assessment of Luck the injured athlete: “Chris gave the update last week and that’s all I know.” Ballard stated that Luck’s rehab was going well and that the quarterback would not need a second surgery as some had suggested.


3.   Reich always wanted to be an NFL head coach. He told a story about being a member of the 1985 Bills and getting pulled into Bill Polian’s office and Polian saying, “This is going to sound strange but I want you play as many years as you can, then when you’re finished playing I want you to come coach with me because you’re going to be an NFL coach some day.”


4.   Former Colts punter turned Stoolie Pat McAfee asked Coach Reich a two-pronged question about how he plans to make Andrew Luck magical and the day’s most entertaining question –  whether he loves or hates Josh McDaniels for what happened.

Reich issued a perfect response  about how he believes Luck to be the best in the game but emphasized the team aspect, reminding everyone the Eagles won the Super Bowl with a backup. As for the McDaniels question? “The backup role has suited me well in my career,” the former backup QB said slyly.


5.  Among the quality attributes mentioned by owner Jim Irsay was Reich’s lineage with the Colts. Reich started his coaching career in Indianapolis in 2008 as an intern under Tony Dungy and worked his way from quarterbacks coach to wide receiver coach before departing for the Arizona Cardinals in 2012.


6.   Reich when thanking GM Chris Ballard: “The relationship between a head coach and the general manner is critically important in an NFL organization and it became apparent early on that Chris and I shared a very common philosophy and vision for this team and this organization.” This would be a minor comment regarding any other organization, but given the  toxic Chuck Pagano-Ryan Grigson relationship that plagued the organization for several years, a happy Reich-Ballard marriage is key.


7.   Always a good sign with #18 gives his seal of approval: