Frank Clark shows true colors in harassing reporter

Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark is either violent, dumb, keen on his destroying his career or all of the above. Clark was famously arrested for a domestic violence assault two years ago after allegedly punching his then-girlfriend. Bleacher Report’s Natalie Weiner, as part of a recent feature on Greg Hardy, linked to an old story she wrote about the Clark arrest. Clark caught wind and decided to harass Weiner on Twitter.

Clark apologized several hours later after mass public outrage. But he then proceeded to favorite the tweets of a series of trolls who defended his incredibly inappropriate tweet to Weiner.

The Seahawks have previously turned a blind eye to Clark’s behavior. The NFL must figure out a way to punish players inflicting off-harm. Soon. As it stands, there are too many Frank Clarks toxifying the NFL

(Note: Weiner is a friend of TFG. That has no bearing whatsoever on the severity of Clark’s actions.)