The Football Girl Podcast, Ep. 5: Good Riddance 2017!

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Our fifth and final episode of 2017 puts a bow on a tumultuous year in the NFL. Melissa offers some bold predictions about the playoffs, including a James Harrison twist – and adds more prognostications about 2018.

Joining The Football Girl podcast is Yahoo Fantasy Analyst Liz Loza, who offers her biggest fantasy surprise and disappointment of the season. We also discuss Liz’s unique career trajectory. A few years ago I was binge-watching Scandal when a familiar face played a reporter directing a question toward Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). It was Liz! In this podcast, Liz discusses her decision to leave behind acting for fantasy football, whether we’ll see more women in the fantasy industry, her recent night at Hamilton and more!

Ep. 5 Rundown

(1:25) Melissa has some crazy playoff theories. Or maybe not they’re not that crazy. (7:05) Liz on her experience seeing Hamilton.
(12:05) Liz hands out some fantasy awards.
(18:40)Liz and Melissa discuss injuries in fantasy.
(26:30) Liz explains how she transformed from actress to fantasy expert.
(35:50): Liz and Melissa on the balance between motherhood and career in sports media.
(48:10): Liz and Melissa on the difficulty of breaking into the fantasy space.
(52:19): Liz has another career goal.
(1:01:20): 2018 NFL Predictions!

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