🎧 Football Date Night Week 15: 49ers, Bears Triumph Over Rivals

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On the Week 15 episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave share holiday joy in their beloved teams (49ers and Bears) exercising their demons over hated division rivals (Seahawks and Packers).  Dave particularly relishes in his Bears ascension to “Kings of the North,” with Mitch Trubisky “lighting” things up and looks to the 49ers to help the Bears get the #2 seed by beating the Rams in Week 17..  The duo then discuss the rest of the AFC and NFC playoff picture and wonder what happened to the Cowboys and Rams.  They also ponder whether Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski have permanently regressed and why Vance Joseph hasn’t been fired already.

Along the way, the two debate whether Philip Rivers, or his wife’s uterus, should be in hall of fame and Melissa recounts a terrible joke from her step dad about clowns.  Meanwhile, Dave wonders whether 40 is officially a man and whether Steelers fans always carry along their terrible towels.  The two wrap up with Dave questioning whether he should have brought his kids to the sports bar and Melissa finally accepting Richard Sherman as a “real” 49er.

The Show

The Rundown

0:30: Melissa rejoices in the 49ers exercising their demons against the Seahawks (high draft pick be damned).
4:30: Dave recounts his joy of the Bears clinching the NFC North and is excited for the prospect of the 49ers handing them the two seed by beating the Rams.
7:40: Dave praises Mitch Trubisky and Melissa agrees, at least about his de”light”ful pregame attire.  Dave wonders whether 40 is officially manhood.
10:20: Melissa and Dave ponder what’s wrong with Aaron and whether he’s permanently regressed from elite to (merely) above average.
13:50: The duo discuss how Rob Gronkowski is broken, and Dave likens him to Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler.
15:10: Melissa boldly predicts that the Patriots will not make the Super Bowl and wonders whether this is the beginning of the end for their dynasty.
16:15: Melissa gives a shout out to friend of the pod, Andrea, and shares her serrendipitous encounter with the engagement of two Steelers fans (complete with terrible towels).
20:20: The duo discuss what happened to the Cowboys, after being pummeled by the Colts.
21:50: The duo discuss the AFC and NFC playoff pictures and the shame that there’s only one Wild Card spot for the Colts, Ravens and Browns.
24:30: The duo examine what’s wrong with the Rams.
25:30: Melissa gloats about her impending victory over Dave and their son in the fantasy playoffs and tells a terrible joke from her stepdad about clowns.
28:30: The duo discuss whether some teams (like the Chargers) have more resiliency than others (like the Broncos) in dealing with adversity.
32:00: Dave heaps praise on Philip Rivers while Melissa does the same about his wife’s uterus.
35:40: Dave picks his top QB choice to win a Super Bowl (it’s not who you think).
38:00: Melissa asks why Vance Joseph still has a job.
40:00: Dave recounts taking his kids to the sports bar and proclaims the Bears “Kings of the North.”
41:30: Melissa finally accepts Richard Sherman as a real 49er.


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