🎧Football Date Night: Wild Card Wackiness and Woes

Nick Foles brought his playoff witchcraft to Chicago, Jason Peters contained Khalil Mack and Cody Parley had the doinkiest of doinkfests, leaving our resident Bears fan, Dave, very dejected. Melissa’s husband explains why there is never solace when your team loses in the playoffs (4:30) and gets into some of the psychology of being a fan vs. a professional. Melissa attempts to pivot by doting on the Chargers commanding defeat of the Ravens and explains how they are well positioned to take on the Patriots (11:30).

Dave and Melissa somewhat disagree on whether Joe Flacco should have supplanted Lamar Jackson (13:35) and also disagree on the power of Nick Foles (22:30). Dave finally comes to life and explains why he believes the Rams are much better for a playoff run than they were last season (24:07). But then he reverts back to sadness and declares that he’s done with football his year.

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