🎙Football Date Night: Picturing the Playoffs

Melissa and Dave spend this week’s playoff picture-focused date night jumping all over the NFL with just a week left in the regular season. They start by agreeing that Russell Wilson was in many ways Patrick Mahomes before Mahomes was in the league and ponder how potent the Seahawks will be in the playoffs. The duo then project what will happen in Week 17’s big play-in game between the Colts and Titans, as well as whether Andrew Luck was in the Union or the Confederacy. Dave also shares why he thinks the chances are slim for the Eagles (despite Saint Nick’s magic) or Steelers will sneak into the postseason.

Speaking of the Steelers, Mike Tomlin’s decision to go for a fake punt is a hot talking point, but Melissa shines a light on other Tomlin in-game errors as well. Of course the two spend some time on the 49ers near upset of the Bears while Dave tries to defend his weak decision to watch the game by himself.

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6:30: Melissa and Dave recount the excitement surrounding the Chiefs-Seahawks SNF game, including Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes’ brilliance and the Chiefs’ defensive woes.

13:50: The duo move to the Saints-Steelers game, focusing on how the Steelers have squandered their talent and whether Mike Tomlin should be on the hot seat.

19:30: Melissa and Dave discuss whether the Browns might be able to knock off the Ravens and thwart their playoff hopes (and help the Steelers get in).

22:00: The duo discuss the Titans-Colts play-in game, and Dave express his strong rooting interest for the Colts to beat the (boring) Titans to make the playoffs more interesting.

28:00: Dave wonders whether Captain Andrew Luck served in the Union or Confederacy in the Civil War.

32:30: Melissa soothes herself over the 49ers’ loss to the Bears by reminiscing about their 2012 MNF victory, which was Colin Kaepernick’s coming out party. Dave doubts whether the Bears could sneak into the two seed and wonders whether they will go 100% against the Vikings (to give the Eagles a chance).

41:00: The duo round out the AFC playoff picture, and Melissa fantasizes about her dream match-up (Ravens-Patriots)

52:00: Melissa describes her rejuvenation as a fan and wonders why that is. Dave thinks it’s partly because there’s less off-the-field controversy.