The Female NFL Draft Analysts You Should Know

Mel Kiper. Todd McShay. Mike Mayock. Their mocks may vary but they and all the other known draftniks have one thing in common: maleness (and with very few exceptions, whiteness).

The lack of women not producing mock drafts is hardly the burning issue of our time, and there are plenty of spectacular feature writers. But I have wondered from time to time whether there are any women in the business of draft analysis, imformation and predictions. This week I asked that very question on Twitter.

I expected a smattering of responses, hoping for the vague possibility of discovering a new name or two at best. Instead I received a bevy of endorsements for both well-known names and up-and-coming talent.

No one should follow a draft analyst simply because she is female but I still believe it useful to share the names I received who have at least some semblance of draft coverage in their repertoire.

(Again, these names came from you. Please let me know if I missed anyone.)

MINA KIMES, ESPN @minakimes

Yes, you know Mina from her master class features, appearances on every ESPN platform, and brilliant tweeting.  Many of you also know her as high-level draft analyst.  In response to my question, Mina’s name was mentioned so many times it might as well have been shouted from a mountaintop.

Mina’s a frequent guest on The Dan Le Batard Show, and also the show’s resident draft expert. She shares her in depth draft knowledge and analysis across the network, and even mocks. Here she is on First and Last with Mike Golic Jr. artfully discussing her A++ Mock Draft– what she admittedly wants to happen, not will happen – including QB Josh Allen going 12th.  She’s awesome on everything draft from QB differentiators to how the recent shift in defensive schemes has been favorable to tweener DBs. Mina’s love for everything NFL Draft is clear and contagious.

(Mina will be the featured guest on The Football Girl Podcast following the draft.)


Liz is known as a fantasy guru, and she naturally puts a fantasy spin on much of her draft analysis. But that doesn’t make it any less legit.  She has spent hordes of time watching film and writing a litany of predictive articles that break down players’ strengths, weaknesses and best fits.

A recent piece examined the top five tight ends of this draft classwith whip smart analysis on why they would gel in certain systems.  Liz will be appearing on Yahoo’s live coverage of Rounds 1 and 2.

KAY ADAMS, GMFB @heykayadams

Kay is the glue on NFL Network’s fantastic Good Morning Football. She’s also a wonderful departure from the archaic female anchor role serving as conductor for the men giving their analysis. Kay has plenty of smart opinions about everything football-related, including the NFL Draft.

Here she is projecting where the top four QBs will land.

Some of the other names mentioned:

KELLY CARPENTER, 4thand Jawn @Football_Kelly: I was unfamiliar with Kelly’s work for this Eagles blog before she was recommended. She has a sizable role in their draft coverage and was included in the site’s latest mock.

LAURIE FITZPATRICK, Big Country Cat @LaurieFitzptrck: I was also introduced to Laurie through this exercise. She has played tackle football and currently breaks down film for the Jaguars’ SB Nation site.  While she doesn’t have a ton of draft stuff via her Twitter account, she says some tape pieces and a mock are coming.

ALEXIS CHASSEN, LandGrant33 @Lovelybuckeye: Alexis’s work is very focused on Ohio State given that she manages the SB Nation Ohio State recruiting site.  Her reporting in rooted in Ohio State prospects but she also interjects frequent draft analysis on Twitter.