FFG: The NFL Chick

Reeta Hubbard is a football goddess. So says her bio on Twitter, where she has gained a huge following due to her sassy, pointed NFL commentary. Reeta is better known as The NFL Chick (an edgier version of The Football Girl, if you ask me) and has a comprehensive blog aptly titled, TheNFLChick.com, started in 2005 and re-launched in 2008. Reeta’s football knowledge is wide-ranging, but she has a special love for and interest in the Baltimore Ravens.

Full of purple pride

In honor of the Ravens taking on the Patriots in Sunday’s AFC Championship, there is no better time than now to unveil The NFL Chick as our latest “Featured Football Girl”

The Football Girl:  How did you get into football?  Who were your favorite players growing up?

The NFL Chick:  My family are all football fanatics. My grandfather, father and uncle played the sport, and my dad was on the Chiefs practice squad in his heyday, so it’s second nature to me. Growing up, all I heard about were Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry and Lenny Moore (old Baltimore Colts). Oh, and Bo Jackson… everyone knows Bo!

TFG:  How did you become The NFL Chick?

TNC:  I loved football and I needed a catchy name for my blog. It’s straight to the point. I’m a Ravens fan but I follow the entire NFL. The word “chick” had become a popular word to say in recent years, so thus, The NFL Chick was born.

TFG:  Talk about the array of content we can find on TheNFLChick.com?

TNC:  I have an abundance of things. I have stadium reviews from my personal experiences, and I also created a NFL Chick TV tab with videos that I created and produced myself over time. I also give you my analysis on the season’s games and other NFL news as well as player interviews.

TFG:  When you meet people and tell them you’re The NFL Chick, do you get instant respect for your football credibility, or do you feel you have to earn it?

TNC:   More times than not, I get instant respect, but it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning, I always felt like I had to prove I was worthy of the name. One time I had a guy say to me, “Prove it. How many players are on the field at once?” I laughed and insisted that his question was offensive to my knowledge. Let’s just say, he left knowing I was the real deal.

TFG:  What’s the coolest thing you’ve done as The NFL Chick?

TNC:  Two things stick out to me. I was able to meet Mr. Primetime himself, Deion Sanders. I love him, as a former player and as a commentator on NFLN. The other was the opportunity to meet the commissioner, Mr. Roger Goodell, last year at the draft. It was the best experience for me, to meet the guy who runs the best sport in America.

TFG:  You are a master Tweeter. How crucial has Twitter been in enhancing your profile?

TNC:  It’s been nothing short of wonderful. Social media is the new wave of communication, and being able to have people follow you because you tweet about their interests, means more followers and more credibility. Gaining the respect of my blog peers as well as some media writers means that others look to you as a credible person of influence. I embrace that.

Posing with some strange guy at last year’s NFL draft

TFG:  Now let’s move on to your true love – The Ravens.  Talk about the prospects against New England.  How hopeful are you?

TNC:  I’m day-to-day! But I think they have a chance. There are a few keys to the game: good protection for Flacco, getting Ray Rice the ball and the defense being able to get good pressure on Brady. I think the Ravens can do all of these things, so I’m optimistic we have a real chance at the Lamar Hunt trophy and on to Indy.

TFG:  Ed Reed had some unfavorable things to say about Joe Flacco and the offensive line this week.  What would you say to Reed right now if you could?

TNC:  I totally agreed with what Reed said. I don’t think his intention was malicious at all. But he has to understand that the media will spin anything to make it a good story. He actually had some good things to say after those controversial comments but that never made print. Bottom line: keep your mouth shut and keep it in-house. Didn’t the Jets teach us anything?

TFG:  I did a piece for espnW on Purple, the Ravens female fan club.  Do you think the Ravens have the best female fans in the league?

TNC:  I do, and it’s because they were one of the first football teams to have events like “Purple Evening” that embrace the female fanbase. They do an excellent job of getting women involved in the game and it’s been a success ever since. Last Sunday, I was at the Warehouse (tailgating area located directly behind M&T Bank Stadium) and there were easily more female fans there than guys there. It’s amazing, I love it!

TFG:  In closing, if you got to play Roger Goodell for a day, what are the three things you are changing?

TNC:  1. Refs being full- time instead of part-time. There have been too many bad calls being made this year and I think it’s because of so many rule changes. At least make your head ref a full-time employee. 2. Some of these personal fouls. I never thought I’d come to James Harrison’s defense, but when I saw him get flagged for pushing Tebow in the back in the Wild Card game, I knew it had gone too far. 3. The possibility of flexing MNF games, like they do for SNF. All of them were snoozers this season. The NFL can do better.