Fashionista Corner: Hey Ladies, Put Down the Pink!

By: Tara Black

Before the hate mail pours in, let me clarify I am in no way referring to the pink worn by the players during October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  That pink is fiery and hot and worn by the players and coaches for a good cause.  No, the pink under the microscope is the pathetic, pale baby pink being hawked for the female football fan by vendors of NFL gear everywhere.  Ladies, I implore you: Pass on the Pink.

The point of wearing an item bearing the name, mascot, and colors of your team is to show your loyalty and support.  This does not only apply if your team colors match your eyes.  It doesn’t matter if you happen to be a ‘summer’ and a Browns fan.  Suck it up.   Wear your brown and orange proudly (well, as proudly as you Browns fan can wear your team’s colors).

We are not all destined to be pink-clad Elle Woods look-alikes.  Hell, even she mixed it up in the sequel with some red, white and blue.  Speaking of patriotic colors, where would we be as a nation if American flags were sold in pastel colors instead of primary ones?

Am I particularly excited about the traffic cone orange of my beloved team, the Bears?  Hell no!  But I accept its bright presence on my Chicago gear because it is a part of the package.  What would the Packers be without the classic yellow of the Cheeseheads?  Or the Raiders without their menacing silver and black so favored by West coast gang members?  Team colors are more than just random hues the boys wear when they play.  They are badges of honor to be worn with pride by both the players and the fans that love them.

Ladies, it’s hard enough being taken seriously as a fan without allowing ourselves to be drenched in cotton candy pink sand, giving us the appearance of a ‘less than’ fan.  Please don’t allow this to happen.  Jerseys even come in a very flattering ladies cut now.  We can even adorn ourselves in head to toe team wear even down to our panties without donning a speck of pink..

If, after my ranting, you need any more convincing of how ridiculous the pale pink looks then gaze your eyes on what I’d like to call Exhibit A in the case against the pink:

Is this the type of ‘fan’ you want to be seen as?  I think not.  Repeat after me: Put down the pink!

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