Fantasy Football 2018 Previewpalooza with Pat Fitzmaurice

Training camp battles are in full bloom, which means fantasy football mania is not far behind. To ensure you, wonderful listener, have your most successful fantasy season yet, we welcome the smartest fantasy prognosticator in the land, Pat Fitzmaurice. Yes, Pat works for TFG and we are admittedly biased but he really is an elite ranker.

We learn more about Pat’s backstory, his secret sauce for highlyaccurate ranking and get his thoughts on a number of hot button fantasy issues.

Which players should owners be targeting?

Can any rookie WRs be trusted?

Is Lamar Jackson the real deal?

What’s the best draft spot to have?

Later in the show, Melissa awards this week’s Do-Gooder Award to LeBron James who is forever changing lives with the opening of his new remarkable school for at risk kids in Akron.


1:05: Melissa shares her favorite and least favorite aspects of training camp (STOP with the training camp play x play)

10:37: How Pat Fitzmaurice broke into the fantasy industry and evolved into one of the most respected analysts

15:00: Pat shares some secrets to his success at rankings accuracy

18:45: Matthew Stafford, Allen Robinson, Randall Cobb and other players Pat is targeting this season.

28:50: How much credence should fantasy owners give training camp reports

33:25: Can we trust Saquon Barkley?

38:00: Pat breaks down the draft spots owners should covet this season

41:30: Reader Questions! Draft strategy. Royce Freeman vs. Lamar Miller, and pineapple as a pizza topping?

49:30: Pat on seeing Hamilton and who in the NFL he would recast as characters in the musical.

59:10: Our Do Gooder of the Week is LeBron James who opened a school for at risk kids in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

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