Fantasy Football 2011: Top 30 Quarterbacks

Updated: 9-3-2011

Quarterback fantasyland is set up to be full of scoring treats this season.  That’s because the NFL’s most electrifying player (by a mile, in my opinion) is a quarterback, and there are several veterans manning high-scoring passing factories.  With so much depth, your team’s leading scorer could easily be any of the top ten quarterback’s listed below.

1)   Michael Vick, Eagles

2)   Aaron Rodgers, Packers

3)   Tom Brady, Patriots

4)   Drew Brees, Saints

5)   Tony Romo, Cowboys

6)   Peyton Manning, Colts

7)   Philip Rivers, Chargers

8)   Matt Ryan, Falcons

9)   Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

10)  Matt Schaub, Texans

11)  Matt Stafford, Lions

12)  Josh Freeman, Bucs

13)  Jay Cutler, Bears

14)  Eli Manning, Giants

15)  Kevin Kolb, Cardinals

16)  Joe Flacco, Ravens

17)  Matt Cassel, Chiefs

18)  Kyle Orton, Broncos

19)  Sam Bradford, Rams

20)  Colt McCoy, Browns

21)  Donovan McNabb, Vikings

22)  Mark Sanchez, Jets

23)  Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills

24)  David Garrard, Jaguars

25)  John Beck/Rex Grossman, Redskins

26)  Matt Hasselbeck, Titans

27)  Chad Henne, Dolphins

28)  Jason Campbell, Raiders

29)  Alex Smith, 49ers

30)  Cam Newton, Panthers


I have Matt Ryan slightly higher than most (current ADP is QB9) and was even tempted to place him a slot higher.  All signs point to a little more emphasis on the passing game with receivers worth salivating over.

Eli Manning could be a steal at QB14, even though this is where I believe he belongs.  Manning cracked the Top 10 in final Q scoring in 2010, and there’s no reason to believe he doesn’t continue the chemistry with Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham.

Regarding the ridiculous QB battle in Washington…you should probably avoid John Beck and Rex Grossman until a decision is made.  If you’re deeply thinking about either headed into your draft, you shouldn’t get ready to be crowned fantasy champ any time soon.  Sorry, but the truth is the truth.