Fantasy Football 2011: Best Fantasy Football Team Names

As I mentioned earlier this week in a fantasy strategy piece for espnW, your fantasy team name is of utmost importance.    For newbies to fantasy, this is especially critical for instant credibility and even a bit of an intimidation factor.  My 60-year mother is debuting Hard Knockers for her rookie season, a little creepy coming from my mom, but a pretty solid fantasy name from a first-timer.

Here are few I came up with.  You’ll see a theme from a recently controversial magazine story.  I’ll be adding any good names that come in from our Twitter followers and Facebook fans.  If you’d like to share your greatest moniker, leave it in the comment section below.

Be Like White Mike

Cutler’s Missing Chins

He’s Suh Fine

Hold Out For My Johnsons

N.O. M.O. T.O.

Positively Gruden

Terrelle Pryor’s Tattoo Pryor

Too Many Johnsons

What if Mark Sanchez was Chinese?

What if Tim Tebow was Black?

(Your team name here)