Excuse Me Jesus, Tim Tebow is Playing

Tim Tebow returned to the NFL last Sunday, playing most of the second half of the Eagles’ preseason game against the Colts. Never ones to miss a story we have no choice but to cover, we at The Football Girl watched the game and pulled some reactions off Twitter to give you a sense of what Tebowmania circa 2015 is like.

1:00 Game on! Sanchez to start. 

Sanchez touchdown!

There’s a shot of the QBs on the sideline. Barkley should be going in for the next series.

Barkley in for Sanchez. Barkley is having a good half. Impressing a lot of people here.

Start of second half.  Guess we’re going to see more Barkley. Boy, Chip really knows how to ramp up the tension.

Tebow in for Barkley.

Oh man, here we go. And the crowd goes wild.

Tebow with a decent first drive!

Uh-­oh. Tebow having some problems in the pocket under pressure. And by “some” I mean “so many.”

Oof. Tebow goes down for a third ugly sack.

And there’s Tebow for the running touchdown! What a great ending to a up-­down-­down-­downer-­downest-­up

So what do we walk away with, folks?  Nothing. But let’s do it again Saturday when the Eagles host the Ravens.