Early 2020 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Putting together player rankings seven months before leagues conduct their draft is an exercise in abstract expressionism. We don’t know who’s going where in free agency. We don’t know where the rookies will be playing. We don’t know who’s going to be squeezed for playing time by the new arrivals. With everything so unsettled, it’s hard to put together player rankings without coloring outside the lines.

So screw it. Let’s color WAY outside the lines. Let’s make these early 2020 fantasy rankings a big, crazy-ass Jackson Pollock painting.

Most early rankings exclude the rookies, even though a couple of them will go in the first two rounds of drafts. This is such a marvelous incoming class that it would be a shame to omit them from any 2020 rankings. I’m including rookies here. Lots of them, in fact. The ordering of the rookies will surely change as the pre-draft process plays out, but these placeholder rankings will do for now. I’m also including a lot of scrubs.

I’ll be writing something about these rankings in the days to come, explaining some of the slotting that might seem particularly off-the-wall.