Football Date Night Week 8: From Worst to First

On the Week 8 episode of Football Date Night, Dave and Melissa rejoice about their son’s first NFL game experience (5:00) and the Chicago Bears’ abrupt turnaround from last to first place in the NFC North after beating the Jets (well, just Dave for the second part).

Dave explains why Mitch Trubisky has finally won over Bears fans and their defense got their groove back (7:00).  Melissa’s gives some love to Cam Newton, who she sees as under-appreciated and still in his prime (10:20).  The duo then discuss the relative lack of parity in the NFL this year (15:30) and argue over which division, the NFC North or South, is more compelling (18:00).  Melissa then discusses why the Carruth podcast is currently captivating her, and her featured guest, creator Scott Fowler, in this week’s podcast (20:00).  The duo close by running through their remaining losers, James Winston (22:30), Hue Jackson (25:30), the refs (27:00), and DirecTV (30:20), and Ty Montgomery (33:35).

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