This Week in NFL Do-Goodery: Andy Dalton, Lorenzo Alexander, More Give Back

A new narrative emanating from a certain Wahsington D.C. sect goes something like this: NFL players don’t know why they are protesting and they are all protest and no action. False and false

While this series is in no way intended to be political or solely focused on protesting athletes, the need to spotlight NFL players using their platforms for good has never been stronger. This week’s edition starts with one the NFL’s best storylines – the continuing lovefest between Buffalo and their ginger hero from Cincinnati….

– When Bengals QB Andy Dalton threw an improbable last second touchdown to Tyler Boyd last New Year’s Eve to oust the Ravens and send the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years, Buffalo immediately showed its appreciation.  Bills fans began sending donations, many in increments of $17, to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, which provides resources to seriously ill children. The foundation has received a whopping $515,000 and counting.

Now Andy and Jordan are reciprocating the philanthropy by making a donation to the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo in advance of the Bengals-Bills preseason game on August 26th. The Daltons shared the news on social media:

 – Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander and his ACES Foundation (Accountability, Community, Education, Sports) are hosting a STEM Lab this Saturday in Buffalo. Kids get free haircuts and get to work on STEM projects like robotics and entrepreneurialship. Adults get free health screenings. Register here 0r pass along to a friend in Buffalo.

 – Eagles CB Malcolm Jenkins and former WR Anquan Boldin of the Players Coalition recorded a video explaining the perils cash bail and lauding a federal judge  who recently eradicated the money bail system in New Orleans.


– Back in May, Browns S Demarious Randall promised a million Twitter users free jerseys if the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals. He dodged a bullet there but this week decided to donate several boxes of jerseys to a local Boys and Girl’s Club. The children did not get LeBron’s no. 23 (he’s in LA now), but they did get Randall’s no. 23 and a very happy childhood memory.

– Our Do-Gooder of the Week on the latest edition of the TFG Podcast is Dolphins WR Kenny Stills. Since becoming politically active Stills launched a drive to register his teammates to vote and regularly holds town halls with local law enforcement in an effort to coalesce the community.

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