Chris Long donating every game check this season to education equality

Eagles DE Chris Long announced today that he will be donating his next ten game checks to promote educational equality. Long will be launching Pledge 10 for Tomorrow, which encourages donations from fans, business leaders and anyone seeking to provide equal education opportunities.

“In my 10th year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I’ve had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me that gift.” Long said in a press release from the Chris Long Foundation.

Earlier this season, Long donated his first six game checks to fund educational scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville.

Long has long been a community stalwart. He has also been outspoken and acknowledged that player protests have driven more attention to off-field altruism.

“No one gave a s—, frankly, until I put my hand around Malcolm [Jenkins],” Long told NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero last month. “That just goes to show you the power of symbolic protests. All of a sudden, everyone cares about my protest, but they never cared about my actions — which kind of proves, well, why do you need (to protest during the anthem)? If guys were just like, ‘Hey, I’m over here! I want to talk about social issues,’ the reporters would be like, ‘We don’t care.'”

Prior to this season, Long’s foundation has worked on a number of initiatives ranging from bringing clean water to East Africa to donations of $100,000 to fund youth initiatives in Charlottesville and St. Louis.