🎙Football Date Night: Bear Down, Chicago Bears

Melissa and Dave are back and can’t stop talking about the Chicago Bears’ masterful performance over the Rams. They point out the weaknesses in the Rams (beyond playing in the cold), break down the Bears top-to-bottom defensive domination and contemplate whether or not 60-year-old Vic Fangio should be a high-end head coaching candidate. Turns out there’s a lot of ageism out there.

The duo then marvel at the Miracle in Miami including how the fact that it happened against New England has temporarily unified the NFL community and why it was so much better than any hail Mary.  Also discussed in the episode: Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ incredible win over the Ravens. Why the Ravens defense is scary. The coup of Amari Cooper. And finally, the toilet bowl that is the Washington.

The Show

The Timeline

2:35: The Rams weaknesses exposed and how much it will matter come playoff time.

4:20:  The case for Vic Fangio as some team’s head coach and a look at the possible pitfalls.

9:25:  Reliving the layers of glory that was the Miami Miracle.

11:50: The nation coalesces against the Patriots.

15:23: Patrick Mahomes continues to wow but is he now the MVP frontrunner?

23:31: Amari Cooper has saved Jason Garrett’s job but is he worth the 1st round pick?

29:15: Washington imploding, maybe a QB “who intimately knows the system” is not the answer.

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