This is a weird post to write so I’ll just cut to the chase. I’ve accepted a new role as NFL editor for I could ramble on about all the reasons this is a ridiculously awesome opportunity, but they should be rather apparent.

If you’re here, you may be wondering what this means for TFG. I’m thrilled to say, not much.

I started almost six years ago to provide a space for the burgeoning female fan base. By burgeoning, I don’t mean the sheer numbers – females have made up between 42%-46% of the fan base for almost a decade now.  I mean, engaged, knowledge, passionate fans deserving of an NFL home that not only exists somewhere in the middle of a sea of pink and WAG galleries, but is inclusive of male NFL fans. (Why alienate over half the NFL’s fan base?)  I’m proud of our efforts and excited that TFG is poised to grow, even in my absence from the day-to-day.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect moving forward:

1) TFG has been undergoing a redesign that will be unveiled in the next week or two. It’s modern, sleek and will provide an enhanced used experience.

2) Fantasy expert Pat Fitzmaurice will be expanding his ‘Fitz on Fantasy’ offerings and possibly adding a contributor or two. Plus, he’ll be hosting a podcast. (Don’t forget me when concocting your guest list, Pat!)

3) Meredith Bland, a Seattle-based humor writer, will be adding a weekly column that combines snark with knowledge.

4) Your favorite TFG series’ – Positively Gruden, Featured Football Girl and NFL Afterlife – will continue.

5) We’ll be bringing on another editor who will focus on both content and social media.

6) There will also be a bevy of new spot contributors, hand-selected to write about a timely story to which they can add a unique perspective.

As always, TFG accepts pitches, whether it be for a single piece or regular series. If you can write and have a interesting take on the news or an original story you believe is worthy of publication, please email

I could blather on about all the people who have helped TFG grow but that sounds like a goodbye speech and this is not that. Plus, you’d still be reading this piece a week from now. So just a quick thank you for being part of this journey, and I hope you’ll keep supporting TFG in the future.