Cardinals President Endorses Trump Nominee on Team Website

Click on any NFL team website and you will find articles about why x player will improve in 2018 or how y player is helping in the community. Unless you click on the Arizona Cardinals site where the top story is “Michael Bidwell Backs Classmate for Supreme Court.”

Bidwell, the Cardinals president attended Georgetown Prep with new Supreme Court nominee, Brett Cavanaugh. Bidwell joined other Georgetown Prep alums to pen a letter of endorsement to the senate judiciary leaders.

“The purpose of the letter is to talk about Brett as a person,” Bidwill, told the Cardinals site. “We have known him and known what a brilliant mind he has. He’s eminently qualified.

“I think now that he’s been selected by the President, he will go through a thorough vetting process and as they go through that process they will learn about the great person we know. He is a man of high character, high intelligence, excellence and independence. We want to speak up and show our support as former classmates and long-time friends.”

Bidwell’s support is not the first time a high-ranking NFL executive has used official team channels to support one of President Trump’s nominees.

Last March, Broncos president John Elway offered his support of then nominee Neil Gorsuch on official Broncos’ letterhead.

In the aftermath of players peacefully protesting during the national anthem the NFL is supposedly in an era where they are proactively trying to keep politics far away from football.

“…getting into politics is not something we do,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a speech last November.

Perhaps he meant a certain brand of politics.