Cameras, X’s and Salute to Service! The Best Celebrations in Week 10!

In Week 10, we saw some unexpected victories and a few teams continuing to crush the competition. Just when the picture is starting to get more clear on which teams will make the postseason a week like this comes along, and certain teams leave us scratching our heads wondering if they’ll make the playoffs. What we don’t have to wonder about is who had the best celebration this week, Twitter collectively settled on a favorite yesterday.

Note: The celebrations below are made public by team sites, media outlets, and players pages. We will add more when and if they become available.

The Best Celebration

Tyreek Hill jumped into the stands to run the camera after his second touchdown of the game in the Chiefs win over Arizona.

.@cheetah with the @ochocinco celebration! 🤣🎥#AZvsKC | #ChiefsKingdom

Tribute to their new teammate

Saints players honored their new teammate Dez Bryant, who injured himself on his second day of practice, by throwing up his signature X when they made it into the end zone.

Dancing in the Endzone

Donte Moncrief was showing off some moves he used when he was with the Colts, but now in a Jacksonville uniform, playing against his former team.

Celebration of Honor

The Eagles lined up in the end zone to honor Veterans with their touchdown celebration on Sunday night.

Chiefs 26 Cardinals 14

Moving on to teams’ postgame celebrations, we start with the Chiefs who get it done again this week and let out their signature celebration chant.

Bills 41 Jets 10

The Bills celebrate a Super Fan in the locker room after the game. Earlier in the week, Sean McDermott invited Pancho, who has stage 4 cancer, to speak to the team and the team honored him by breaking out on Pancho Power.

Bears 34 Lions 22

The Bears opened up Club Dub again, and after Matt Nagy said he wanted to see more dancing, more people and even wants the coaches involved. We know how to make the dance party bigger, we’re just waiting on our invites.

Chargers 20 Raiders 6

The Chargers break out by remembers Veterans and Anthony Lynn challenges his team to find and thank Veterans for their service as they leave the stadium.