Cam Newton confronts Kelvin Benjamin before Panthers-Bills game

Late last week The Athletic’s Tim Graham caught up with Bills wideout Kelvin Benjamin for a wide-ranging Q&A that included Benjamin’s reflection on his time in Carolina.

Benjamin was traded from Carolina last season after never replicating a stellar rookie season in which he amassed 1008 yards and nine TDs. Graham asked why he was never the same after 2014, and Benjamin took a clear shot at Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

“I just think Carolina was bad for me. It was a bad fit from the get-go. If you would’ve put me with any other quarterback, let’s be real, you know what I’m saying? Any other accurate quarterback like Rodgers or Eli Manning or Big Ben — anybody! — quarterbacks with knowledge, that know how to place a ball and give you a better chance to catch the ball. It just felt like I wasn’t in that position.”

As destiny would have it, the Bills and Panthers faced off in a preseason game Thursday night. Newton decided to peacefully confront Benjamin during pregame warmups to discuss the wideouts disrespectful comments. As you can see, Benjamin wanted no part of the conversation.