Football Date Night Week 12: Browns Exact Revenge on Hue Jackson

On the Week 12 episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave start by marveling at the Browns super fan who committed to naming his kid “Baker” if he was re-tweeted by Baker Mayfield, which actually happened! (1:20). This story led the duo to discuss Hue Jackson’s ill-fated “revenge” game against the Browns, which turned into the Hue Jackson irrelevancy game (5:20). Next, Dave rejoiced over the Bears continuing their run with five straight victories, but he still thinks the Vikings have a shot if the “good” Kirk Cousins shows up, who took down the Packers last night (9:30). This leads Melissa to conclude that you can finally shut the door on the Mike McCarthy era, and Dave wonders who is actually running the show in Green Bay (13:50).

The duo then relish in the fact that their four-year old into football (20:00) and discuss the AFC playoff picture now that the Patriots machine have overtaken the Steelers for the #2 seed with their sights set on Kansas City (21:00). After Melissa previews her guest on the next The Football Girl podcast, Lisa Salters (29:00), Dave asks whether they can get her a scooter to rival Booger McFarland’s moving crane (29:30). But he has a cautionary tale to recount about one-handed scooter riding (30:15). Melissa then discusses the sad situation with the 49ers, with the recent Reuben Foster news, and she has some suggestions for how teams can prioritize mental health going forward (35:30). Finally, the duo close on a lighter note by going over their favorite touchdown celebrations; for Dave, the Bears’ Motown homage and for Melissa, the Vikings’ limbo (44:30).

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